Empowerment. Confidence. Encouragement.

About the founders

Sport-It was started by two brothers: 12-year old Julius and 9-year old Justin to provide positive reinforcement for kids. Sport-It is all about empowerment and confidence and encouraging kids to define themselves rather than allowing mainstream society to do so. Sport-It is an attitude, a way of life and, most importantly, a recognition that you are great as you are. It’s about having the power, confidence and courage to just do you. In other words, to just Sport-It!

  • 1) Creative Designs
    Many different designs in development.
  • 2) Words Kids Can Live By
    Rather than worrying if mom will approve, Sport-It creates designs and phrases that kids will love to wear and be proud to show their parents.
  • 3) For Kids, By Kids
    Designed by two brothers, Sport-It’s owners know just what kids want to hear and wear.
  • 4) Clothing That Uplifts
    When it comes to what kids put on their bodies, they need to have words that lift them up and encourage them, not words that can pull each other down. Sport-It is a line of clothes that will embrace every child’s uniqueness.